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You are worthy of good drinks.

Cocktail Distance Learning

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Welcome in, folks, to the socially safe cocktail bar! A master bartender leads your team or private Zoom. He handpicks ingredients and tools for your event. Alcoholic or non, home or office, you are worthy of good drinks.

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Join free livestreams every other Saturday, 6-9pm PDT, on Twitch. Follow along to put fresh spins on your favorite spirits. Ask anything. Like for substitutions. Or what to do with that bottle at the back of the cabinet.

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Several coupes with infused gin cocktails, lemon twists, and cut sterling roses.

About Billy

Billy the bartender, smiling

Billy Noble is a professional bartender in Portland, OR, USA. He's obsessed with hospitality and alchemy. While he appreciates a classic cocktail, he's pushing drinking forward, using new culinary techniques and seasonal, homegrown ingredients.

About John

John the barback, thinking

John Kurkowski is Billy's long time guest, sitting at the bar. One day John asked, how to take his home bartending to the next level? Billy told him, put on the apron, get behind the bar. Watch our livestreams to follow John the barback's journey.

About Brie

Brie the oracle

Brie Noble is the oracle and operator. She thought Billy and John looked like fools walking off screen to transition their camera angles. So she does it for them behind the scenes. She Googles chat questions aggressively. Say hi! #teambrie